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Water water everywhere

2017 April 22
by Greg Long

and this year we had lots to drink!! After last season, we decided to add a water maker to the equipment list. Two seasons of jugging water to the boat and skimping on how much water we used convinced us to take the plunge (get it?). Every time we turn on the water maker we are amazed. Saltwater gets pulled into the boat, through a couple filters and a fancy pump into a couple of very long tubes, and comes out the other end as pure, sweet, drinkable water. So far, 465 gallons of sweet reverse osmosis water to be exact. That’s how much water we made during the 2+ months we were in the Bahamas.  In other words, 93 jugs of water if we were hauling it from on shore, handing it up onto the boat and siphoning it into the tanks. Or, by yet another measure, 3,720 pounds of water that we didn’t have to lug around! Any way you measure it, it was a great decision!

So, in honor of our newfound appreciation for the sublime joys of water, here are a few water pictures from our season.



Pulling the anchor in predawn light.


Rigging the fishing lines.


We had so many great sailing days this year.


Forest fires in the Abacos.


Forest fires at sunset.


A ferry crossing the sound at sunset with the forest fires in the back ground.  These fires burn until rain puts them out, so they burned for several weeks.

But if not…


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