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Water color

2017 April 10
by Lyn

A camera has a hard time showing the true color of the water in the Bahamas! We are still in awe at the vivid colors we see everyday. The brilliance of Gods handiwork!!


When we crossed over to Cat Island it was deep almost until we were next to the island. The deep purple is a still a thousand feet deep and we could clearly see the bright blue of the banks where it’s 10 to 15 feet deep which is typical for the banks.


Zach, this picture is for you. It’s Gramps in the dinghy behind the boat at Cat Island. When we got close to shore it was a bright green…your favorite color!!


This is a mail boat, they carry all food and supplies from Nassau to the other¬†islands. People on every island know the mailboat schedule because the day after the mailboat arrives the small grocery stores have fresh produce and plenty of stock on the shelves….the day before you will fin


This is one of the types of ferries used in the Bahamas. They carry people and sometimes cars from island to island.


He quieted the sea with his power


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