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Georgetown Exuma

2017 March 15
by Lyn

We tried to go from Eleuthera to Cat Island, but no such luck. If the winds were right to go there, they were wrong to stay there. If the wind was right to be there, it was on the nose so very difficult to get there. Oh well. So we headed across the Exuma Sound to the Exumas and worked our way down to Georgetown. From here, it’s a more favorable angle to head over to Long Island and then, perhaps, up to Cat. We’ll see. ┬áThe wind and the weather rule!



Rays waiting for a handout under the fish cleaning station at Black Point.


Paperbird at anchor in Black Point


Yes, we had fresh Mahi for dinner our first night in Georgetown


A good samaritan helped us across the harbor when our dinghy engine wouldn’t start (bad gas). God Bless you, John!


Ron and Kathy, friends from Stormy Petrel, sailing by to say hello


Ron & Kathy sailing back to their boat


Sand Dollar Beach, our anchorage in Georgetown.


He quieted the sea with his power

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  1. Kathy permalink
    March 21, 2017

    Nice Mahi Mahi, did you make him fish sticks?

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