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Black Point Exuma

2017 March 4
by Lyn

We are now in Black Point in the Exumas. They are really friendly and the harbor is beautiful!

The challenge in the Exumas is finding a place to hide out from cold fronts. When the winds clock, there are very few spots that offer 360 protection. In this case, the winds are forecast to stay NE so we only had to find good protection from one direction. And Black Point offers great protection and very solid holding for the anchor. There are probably 25 boats here with the same idea. So here we all sit, while the wind blows 30 with higher gusts and supposed to be that way for 3 days! So it’s a good time to relax, read a book, and eat through some of  the snack provisions.



School boys headed to band practice.


Roosters are every where and crow at all hours of the day.


The beautiful harbor!


People watching…


We walked to the blow hole. It was low tide so didn’t blow very high.


Greg’s office view.


Weather front coming in….a water spout formed….it stayed there for about 15 minutes. We definitely kept an eye on it!


Weather coming our way!


He quieted the sea with his power


2 Responses
  1. March 4, 2017

    We love following your blog! We especially appreciate the photos! Your grandchildren must just love following our adventures on the blog!!! It is very windy here in Vero but we have not dragged and appreciate the warm weather. Sorry we missed seeing you here; perhaps on your return home. Stay safe and have wonderful time!

  2. March 5, 2017

    Beautiful pictures. I am learning much from your travels.

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